I am able to provide resources to assist in creating your ideal ceremony.  This includes the wording of the ceremony itself, as well as the  vows, ring vows and readings.

Working together we can personalise the ceremony and include symbols and rituals you may like to include.  Using rituals can be an effective and meaningful way to more deeply engage your guests in the ceremony

There are a multitude of different rituals, some of the most popular being the following:

Unity Candles
There are multiple ways these can be incorporated into a ceremony.  Unity candles symbolise purity, unity, life and remembrance.  This ceremony reflects separate people (individual candles) uniting and becoming one (unity or family candle).

Blessing Stones
Stones symbolise strength, stability  and steadfastness.  Guests are given a blessing stone (crystal/pebble) at the beginning of the ceremony.  During the ceremony they are asked to place a blessing for the bride and groom into the stone.  Blessing stones can then either be cast into water or onto the land, or kept as a keepsake in a beautiful container

Sand Ceremony
Sand symbolises strength, longevity, stability and unity.  The bride and groom poor different colour sands from their individual containers into a larger, central container – blending the colours of the sand together to symbolise harmony and unity.

Flower Ceremony
Rose or other flower petals are strewn up the aisle
The couple present each other with a garland of flowers
Bride and groom exchange a rose as their first gift to each other as husband and wife


This is a Celtic ritual generally conducted just after the vows and rings are exchanged.  It symbolises a couple’s desire for commitment to each other and acknowledges that their lives and future are now intertwined



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